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Enter your HCC ID and PIN and select Login.

  • For HCC ID use your 9-digit HCC ID number located on your HCC ID card.
  • For PIN: Here's the formula: An uppercase "H" + lowercase "cc" + the last six digits of your HCC ID number. For example, if the last six digits of your HCC ID are 123456, your password would be Hcc123456

  • You will get a message saying your PIN is expired, prompting you to choose a new one.

Forgot your PIN? You can reset it immediately! Enter the UserID and click Forgot PIN. Correctly answer your security question and you will be able to login and select a new PIN.

Don't get locked out. After 5 incorrect tries, the system will disable the account and you will need to make a Help request for it to be reset. If you get a login error message, verify your UserID and PIN before trying again. Remember, if you know your UserID and you can answer your security question, you can use the 'Forgot PIN' feature.

For more help, click here.


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Release: 8.8.3